Podcast plug: Talking Digital ID and Verifiable Credentials, with Stephen Wilson



In the latest episode of NAB Digital Next, guest host Alysia Abeyratne – NAB’s Senior Manager for Digital Policy – talks to a true vanguard in the field of Digital ID, Stephen Wilson.

Need a Digital ID 101? Catch up here: Digital ID explained – NAB New

Stephen is the co-founder of Lockstep Consulting and a leading international authority on Digital ID, cyber security, and data protection.

This episode explores:

  • The importance of language in how we shape and solve problems.
  • What a ‘verifiable credential’ is.
  • Australia’s game-changing Digital ID Bill and how Australia is leading the way with Digital ID governance through the passing of this legislation in the Senate last month.

Listen to the full episode on SoundCloud, Spotify or Apple Podcast.

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