Prevention is better than cure as more Aussies strive to prioritise health



Australians are striving to prioritise their overall health and wellbeing, with more than 40% increasing their focus on it over the past 12 months, according to new NAB data.

NAB’s Health Insights research explored how Australians are tracking with their health priorities and while it found most people understand their health should be a priority, it also revealed noticeably more women than men are taking action to improve it.

Despite ongoing cost-of-living pressures, the new findings are further reinforced by the latest credit card expenditure data from NAB’s dedicated claims solution – HICAPS – which showed a 7% increase in spending in the December 2022 quarter*.

NAB Executive for Business Metro and Specialised, Julie Rynski, said the research shows more and more Australians are adopting a preventative health mindset when it comes to wellbeing.

“Many Australians understand prevention is better than cure when it comes to managing their health and wellbeing,” Ms Rynski said.

“Our research shows Australians believe they have a strong positive health mindset, and we know many will continue to take a proactive approach to managing their health – through exercise, diet, regular health screenings and check-ups – regardless of economic circumstance.”

The new NAB research also disclosed health awareness is highest among younger people in the 18-24 age group, but lowest in the 45-54 group.

Of the 18-24-year-olds canvassed, around 40% reported using a wearable device to help manage their health, while 60% used mobile phone or tablet apps. These numbers reduced significantly in each subsequent age group, with just one in 10 over 65s using wearable devices or apps to track their health.

Almost one in two Australians surveyed also indicated financial incentives to stay healthy would motivate them to undergo more regular preventative care such as screenings, vaccinations, and other brief interventions.


*When compared with HICAPS credit card expenditure in the September 2022 quarter – quarter on quarter uplift.

Notes to editors:

·       NAB Health has been servicing healthcare professionals and businesses for over 20 years.

·       HICAPS is NAB’s dedicated claims platform and is the original and leading claims solution, with innovation that has reliably delivered to provider needs for 25 years, and is now for all of healthcare, disability and care.

·       The NAB Health Insights Special Report is based on a survey of over 2,000 Australians sharing their views across a range of topics including visitation to health professionals, accessibility, patient satisfaction, practitioner switching, affordability and impacts from the rising cost of living.



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