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Our market leading Look Who’s Charging feature has won the Money Magazine best of the best award for ‘Best Innovative Banking Feature’.

Customers will no longer wonder where a certain charge on their credit card came from, thanks to a new partnership between NAB and Australian fintech, Look Who’s Charging.

Look Who’s Charging uses data and public information to provide customers with detailed information about their transactions – from who the merchant is, to what they sell, and how to contact them.

Now integrated with NAB, customers will be able to see this information immediately by simply clicking on the transaction in their NAB mobile banking app.

NAB Executive General Manager for Consumer Lending, Angus Gilfillan, said NAB is making things simpler, easier, and giving customers more information and control over their finances.

“We know it can be confusing when customers look at their online transaction history and see a business name, not the name of the shop where they made a purchase,” Mr Gilfillan said.

“Thanks to our new partnership with Look Who’s Charging, customers will see more details about their transactions straight away.

“This is another exciting feature of NAB’s mobile wallet for our customers, adding to the world-leading features we’ve already delivered – including Visa credit card transaction controls, the ability for customers to place a temporary block on any Visa card that may have been lost or stolen, and overseas travel notifications, to name a few.”

Look Who’s Charging was co-founded by Stuart Grover in 2015, in regional New South Wales.

“It’s been great to work with one of Australia’s biggest banks to grow our business, and to now make our service available to millions of Australians,” Mr Grover said.

“Australians spend hours trying to figure out who has charged their card. Our system, which is now integrated with NAB, means customers can have the information they need, seamlessly integrated with their bank account.”

NAB continues to partner with innovative start-ups like Look Who’s Charging to develop digital products and solutions for customers.

“Our customers are telling us they want to be able to manage their banking more conveniently; we’re listening and we’re delivering,” Mr Gilfillan said.

The new transaction information feature will be available for NAB credit card customers in NAB’s mobile banking app. In coming months, the feature will be rolled out to Internet Banking, and will include debit card transactions.

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