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Climate action is everyone’s job. Fortunately, well planned investments can have a positive ripple effect, and developments in one business can enable progress in others. This is certainly the case for NAB customer Zenith Energy Australia, one of Australia’s leading independent power producers.

In this Road to Zero episode, we hear from Zenith Energy Australia’s Managing Director, Hamish Moffat, on progressing their own decarbonisation journey while investing into new technologies and more sustainable solutions to support their customers transition to a lower carbon future too.

It is estimated that Australia’s climate transition will require $1.3T of investment to 2030 – mostly in the decarbonisation of energy generation and building physical resilience to climate change. NAB is proud to be supporting customers who are investing in new and emerging technologies that can help our economy transition to one powered more by renewables, and less by fossil fuels.

Zenith Energy Australia



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