15 Oct 2014

MLC Inflation Plus named Zenith best multi-asset real return fund

MLC Inflation Plus has been named multi-asset real return fund of the year at the Zenith Fund and Professional Planner Awards 2014.

Launched last year, MLC Inflation Plus comprises three actively managed portfolios which aim to deliver investors above inflation returns and peace of mind.

Through MLC Inflation Plus, investors select a return target and investment timeframe to help them achieve their financial goals from the following portfolios:

  • MLC Inflation Plus – Conservative
  • MLC Inflation Plus – Moderate
  • MLC Inflation Plus – Assertive

MLC Head of Investments, Dr Susan Gosling and co-portfolio manager Dr Ben McCaw said they were delighted MLC Inflation Plus had been named best multi-asset real return fund.

“We launched the suite of MLC Inflation Plus portfolios late last year to offer investors a sound investment strategy which aims to provide above inflation returns tailored to their goals and personal circumstances,” Dr Gosling said.

“This award is testament to the quality of our investment process and team.”

The awards are based on three key criteria from Zenith Investment Partners, including their current rating (MLC Inflation Plus is recommended), stability and quality of the investment team, and the previous year’s performance.

Zenith director David Wright said the awards follow a robust and comprehensive process for selecting nominees and assigning the winners of each fund category, and this process builds on Zenith’s established fund manager review and rating process.

The MLC Inflation Plus portfolios are available through MLC MasterKey Super & Pension Fundamentals, MLC Investment Trust, MLC Wrap, MLC Navigator, and external platforms.


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