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Digital ID has the potential to minimise privacy risks, build cyber resilience, and encourage productivity in the Australian economy.  Implementing Digital ID in Australia is a collaborative effort between Government, the private sector and community led organisations, each playing an important role in ensuring our Digital ID framework and infrastructure is resilient, meets community needs and is fit for purpose.

NAB’s Digital ID Design Sprint Whitepaper

NAB recently convened a two-day Digital ID Design Sprint with the goal of bringing together leading thinkers in the field of Digital ID.  The Sprints brought together more than 50 participants from industry, academia, consultants, consumer advocates, regulators, and Government.

Across the Sprints, participants identified and articulated the key elements of a well-functioning Digital ID ecosystem, the barriers we currently face and recommendations on how Australia may overcome these challenges as it implements Digital ID.

Today, NAB has published a Whitepaper which summarises the key themes and calls to action arising out of the Digital ID Design Sprint. This can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.

As the sessions were held under Chatham House Rule, comments are unattributed.  Please note that the opinions expressed herein are the personal views of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the organisations represented, including NAB.

Reflecting on the Digital ID Design Sprint

Accompanying the publication of the NAB Digital ID Design Sprint Whitepaper, the latest NAB Digital Next podcast features Victoria Richardson, Chief Operating Officer at Meeco and Larissa Beech, Head of Commercial – Certsy (SEEK’s inhouse verification credential passport).

Both very active participants at NAB’s Digital ID Design sprints, Victoria and Larissa join NAB’s Executive for Innovation and Partnerships and host Brad Carr and NAB’s Senior Manager for Digital Policy, Alysia Abeyratne to share their reflections on the Design Sprint.

In this rich conversation, the pair discuss their key takeaway from the Design Sprint and reflect on crucial topics in this space, such as the role of Government, Digital ID as critical infrastructure, the need to change the national culture around data collection and retention and the fundamental nature of choice for adoption of Digital ID solutions.

NAB Digital Next is available on SoundCloudApple Podcasts and Spotify.

Digital ID – what does the future hold?

Digital ID is at a critical moment in its journey in Australia, with an urgent need, but various possible directions.  In this short animation, NAB frames four potential futures for Digital ID in Australia using the University of Houston’s Futurist methodology.

NAB Executive, Innovation and Partnership, Brad Carr says the animation presents a thought-provoking view of the key trends and drivers shaping Australia’s Digital ID journey.

“The animation charters Australia’s Digital ID journey, and highlights the pivotal juncture where we could face a collapse, new equilibria, or an empowering transformation for Digital ID and the digital economy in Australia,” he says.

“We will continue to champion a Digital ID ecosystem, which is designed with users at the centre, underpinned by the notion that you can ‘trust who you choose, and choose who you trust.’ Next year, we’ll look at broadening our focus for Digital ID with cross-border issues and corporate ID challenges and opportunities.”

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