NAB and Good Shepherd: $480 million and 20 years of support for people experiencing vulnerability

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NAB and Good Shepherd are marking 20 years of providing No Interest Loans to nearly one million people, and celebrating NAB’s longest running community partnership.

  • 30.10.2023
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  • NAB and Good Shepherd mark 20 years of providing No Interest Loans to nearly one million people
  • No Interest Loans help break down financial barriers by offering people experiencing vulnerability safe and affordable credit
  • ‘No Interest Loans by Good Shepherd’ celebrated as NAB’s longest running community partnership

This month, NAB and Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand (Good Shepherd) are celebrating a 20-year partnership supporting close to one million people experiencing vulnerability with safe and affordable access to more than $480 million low and no interest loans (NILs).


NILs explained

NILs are small loans available to people on lower incomes, who can often find themselves excluded from mainstream credit. They provide people with safe, fair and affordable access to credit for essential goods and services without the stress of high interest loan repayments, charges or late fees.

NILs – funded by NAB and accessed through Good Shepherd – can be used to purchase things such as a new fridge or washing machine, paying for school expenses and uniforms or even buying a car to get to work.


NAB’s partnership with Good Shepherd

Since the partnership began in 2003, NAB and Good Shepherd have delivered more than 370,000 loans to eligible people on lower incomes. NAB provides capital for NILs and is the only major bank to offer a program that allows people on low incomes to access no interest and no fee credit.

As living costs continue to rise, along with higher grocery and petrol prices, data from Good Shepherd shows the volume of No Interest Loans people are seeking has grown 24.5% in the last 12 months. NAB’s latest Financial Hardship survey has also found:

  • 4 in 10 Australians are experiencing financial stress or hardship
  • Money is a source of stress for 1 in 3 Australians
  • 1 in 4 Australians are struggling to make ends meet

“Ensuring Australians on lower incomes can make essential purchases without resorting to predatory high cost, short term loans is crucial.”

NAB Executive for Sustainability Jessica Forrest

Jessica Forrest

NAB Executive for Sustainability Jessica Forrest said the two-decade relationship between NAB and Good Shepherd is the bank’s longest running community partnership and remains vital for those facing cost of living challenges.

“A No Interest Loan can have a transformative impact on people’s lives,” Ms Forrest said.

“Sometimes the purchases are small, but they make a significant difference – like a new washing machine for a mother who previously had to climb 20 floors to do washing for her three kids, a uniform for a child to start the new school year or a vehicle to help someone make it to their job every day.

“With rising fuel, food, energy, and housing costs, supporting people experiencing financial vulnerability to access to safe, fair and affordable credit has never been more important.

“Ensuring Australians on lower incomes can make essential purchases without resorting to predatory high cost, short term loans is crucial.”

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand CEO Stella Avramopolous said NILs help those in our communities who need it most.

Stella Avramopolous

“Good Shepherd took a risk starting NILs. We were told the loans wouldn’t be repaid, but we saw the harm of financial exclusion and felt compelled to act,” Ms Avramopolous said.

“Today, NILs is a powerful example of how collaboration across sectors achieves powerful results for Australians experiencing vulnerability.”


How NILs make a difference

Since 2003, NAB and Good Shepherd have provided more than 370,000 microfinance loans worth more than $482 million that have helped more than 940,000 people on low incomes buy*:

  • 52,000 fridges
  • 55,000 car repairs
  • 37,000 laptops
  • 29,000 beds
  • 7,000 rental bonds

NILs also support people most at risk of experiencing vulnerability which, last year, included women (65% of NILs), Indigenous Australians (27% of NILs), people fleeing domestic or family violence (13% of NILs), people on disability support (25% of NILs) or Jobseeker (14% of NILs).


Support at an individual level

Eunice Bartlett

Proud Norrargga and Kokatha woman Eunice Bartlett, who was approved for a No Interest Loan to pay for desperately needed car repairs, said NILs has made a big difference in her life.

“It gave me back my freedom, to live my life, be there for my kids and grandkids,” Ms Bartlett said.

“I just couldn’t believe it was really no interest. Ever. The repayments for me are $40 a fortnight. The Good Money team (Good Shepherd stores) were so helpful in ensuring I could afford to pay that within my budget. They didn’t want to stretch me or make me feel stressed.”

Assistant Minister for Social Services the Hon. Justine Elliot MP acknowledged the important milestone and ongoing commitment to NILS and to helping those most at risk of financial exclusion.

“Financial stress, like many social problems, has flow-on effects to other areas of an individual’s life. That is why it is so important to intervene early and provide direct support to people in need. As we know, someone who is financially stable is more likely to look after their physiological needs, have better health outcomes, maintain stable relationships and have a greater capacity to study and work,” the Assistant Minister said.

“This is a long standing and positive example of the Government, community and corporate organisations working together.”

To mark the 20th year of the partnership, 80% of brokerage fees from the nabtrade Charity Trading Day on 31 October 2023 will be donated to Good Shepherd’s Marrickville Affordable Housing Project.


  • NAB and Good Shepherd have co-authored a detailed impact report: “Helping communities prosper for 20 years: How NAB and Good Shepherd make a difference” which contains significant data and facts, quotes and further NILs recipient case studies. Download it now from or at the link on this page below.
  • As part of the 7th annual nabtrade Charity Trading Day, for each trade made on 31 October 2023, nabtrade will donate 80% of brokerage fees to Good Shepherd’s Marrickville Affordable Housing Project, with the remaining 20% donated to other Australian-based charities.
  • NAB has committed $130 million in interest free capital overdraft limits to microfinance and has currently allocated $83.7 million No Interest capital to community organisations.
  • NILs are subject to eligibility criteria and allow people to borrow:
    • Up to $2,000 for household appliances including fridges, washing machines or furniture; car repairs or registration; medical, dental, vet, wellbeing and life event expenses; technology including a phone or laptop; education expenses; or employment expenses including a license or equipment.
    • Up to $3,000 for housing related expenses such as bond or rent in advance; rates; or costs associated with a natural disaster.
    • Between $2,000 and $5,000 for vehicles; stamp duty on a vehicle; and first year of registration.

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