NAB earns ‘Best Retail Bank for Digital’ for making banking easy and secure



  • NAB recognised for making banking safer and simpler at global finance awards in Singapore
  • Digital safety initiatives, including the removal of links in text messages, see NAB named ‘Best Retail Bank for Digital CX in Australia’

Recognising NAB’s ability to simplify the banking experience and help customers bank safely, The Digital Banker has named NAB as the ‘Best Retail Bank for Digital CX in Australia’.

The news was announced on Thursday at the Digital CX Awards in Singapore, an annual event that recognises global pioneering innovation in digital customer experience across financial services.

The Digital Banker’s judging panel – including leaders from across the financial services industry – found digital initiatives including the removal of links from text messages and payment alerts made NAB best-in-class.

NAB Chief Digital Officer Sujeet Rana said NAB’s success had been driven by the bank’s strong customer-focus.

“In past 12 months, the NAB team has worked hard to deploy new features into digital banking channels which are aimed at simplifying the banking experience and helping customers bank safely,” Mr Rana said.

“The work – including payment alerts and removal of links from texts – is helping to reduce the impact of scams on customers, which is the most rewarding part.

“Our approach has been to create a simple experience, ensure it is personalised for our customers and gets the balance right between speed and safety of digital payments.

“We’ve found a good balance with NAB’s digital payment alerts by making them tailored and timely. Customers receive a prompt when a certain type of payment appears out of character for them, ensuring alerts are only pushed to the customer when relevant. This helps to avoid ‘banner blindness’ which is experienced by pushing generic messages to customers that they automatically click off.

“The result of this work is that we’re seeing customers abandon around $250,000 in payments every single day from pausing to reassess their payment.

“I’m incredibly proud of the hard work our colleagues across the bank have put in to look after customers and keep the bank safe.”

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