NAB offers $1000 gift-cards for homeowners this spring



National Australia Bank is giving home loan customers a $1000 gift-card this spring to help make the move into their new home a little easier.

Spring is the busiest time of year for most customers looking to buy a home and it was the strongest season for home loan applications at NAB in 2013 and 2012.

NAB Group Executive Product and Markets, Antony Cahill, said NAB wants to be the first choice for people buying a new home this spring.

“Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions many of us make and NAB is determined to help customers save money and have certainty,” he said.

“We have a track record for giving customers a better deal on interest rates and fees – and an extra $1000 in the pocket this spring can help cover any unexpected costs that can crop up in the process of moving.”

NAB has had the lowest standard variable rate of the major banks for more than five years, currently 5.88%p.a. NAB is also offering five fixed rate terms at less than five per cent – the lowest or equal lowest of the majors. And, NAB home lending has seen 18 consecutive quarters of growth.

Mr Cahill said the offer was aimed squarely at winning customers and driving continued growth, during the busiest time of year for home-buying.

“NAB helped more than 117,000 customers realise the great Australian dream of buying a new home in the last 10 months and we will continue to win business by making NAB the best choice for customers,” he said.

“Our passion for doing the right thing by our customers is more intense than any of our competitors – and it is why we are winning more business.”

Customers will receive a $1000 eftpos card if they take out a principal and interest NAB home loan for $300,000 or more between 22 September and 31 October 2014 and drawdown by 30 January 2015

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