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NAB today welcomed the passing of the Critical Infrastructure bill through Parliament.

NAB Group Executive Technology and Enterprise Operations Patrick Wright said: “This expansion of the critical infrastructure framework is a major step and we look forward to working with Government on the implementation of key elements relevant to our sector.

“We have a shared interest across other businesses and sectors in strengthening cyber security to help tackle emerging cyber threats, protecting our customers and the community.

“In addition to the investment we make each year to help keep our customers and the community safe, collaboration is also vital. This will build on the efforts we already have in place with agencies such as Australian Cyber Security Centre and others.”

Background on NAB’s approach to customer cyber security and education:

  • Continued investment in cyber security capabilities and system resilience to protect customers and communities from evolving threats.
  • Trials and discounts on anti-virus software at
  • Monthly security awareness webinars and Cyber Toolkit for businesses.
  • Delivered 72 cyber training programs reaching more than 2500 small and medium business customers in FY21.
  • Articles and videos on topics such as business email compromise, invoice scams, and multifactor authentication.
  • Security alerts published for customers on specific current threats.
  • A NAB Security Podcast with expert speakers from NAB, industry, and government on current events and trends.



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