New NAB mobile banking app hits customer hands



National Australia Bank’s (NAB) has launched its new mobile banking application to customers with the iOS version going live following the recent release to Android users.

More than 4000 customers and employees were part of NAB’s unprecedented level of pilot testing over almost 12 months and across 18 releases/updates of the pilot app, road-testing improvements and new features.

Digital banking is core to customers’ everyday banking needs with NAB recording over 50 million internet banking logins across its digital platforms monthly, of which around 70% are via mobile devices.

“Our busiest branch is now a bus or a train; it’s wherever customers can do their banking digitally and we have more than 1.7 million active mobile banking users,” NAB Acting Executive General Manager Digital Banking Todd Copeland said.

“Our new mobile banking application will be one of the most important things we put in the hands of our customers this year and we have fully involved them along the way to ensure we are delivering more than just an app, we are also delivering an experience that is fast, simple and intuitive,” he said.

Mr Copeland said the team approached customers both directly and via social media to be part of the pilot testing and collected more than 3000 pieces of feedback during the process. Comments were collated and taken on board to help shape the look and feel of the app.

“As we were designing the payments flow we had a lot of customers tell us that once they have made a payment, they then check their account to view their updated balance. We took that on board and decided to put the updated balance on the receipt screen to make it just that little more convenient,” Mr Copeland said, adding that more than 500 new screens had been designed for the new app.

The new mobile banking experience will include a range of improvements and new features, including Visa credit card transaction controls, the ability for customers to place a temporary block on any Visa card that may have been lost or stolen, quick balance view and overseas travel notification.

NAB implemented a staged rollout, firstly to Android users in late October, before following with the release to iOS Apple devices yesterday (Thursday).

NAB customers will also reap the long term benefit from work done to improve the underlying digital banking technology platforms.

“This work not only delivers a brand new mobile banking app for our customers, it has also involved transforming the underlying foundations of our digital banking platform to set it up for the future,” Mr Copeland said.

“Over the last 12 months we have been re-building our digital platform to enable us to deliver updates and improvements to our digital banking experience more quickly than ever before,” Mr Copeland said.

“As part of this, the mobile banking app will leverage our new API enabled digital engine, which is geared for speed and rapid change.”

NAB’s new mobile banking app for Android is available for download from the Google Play store, while the iOS version for Apple devices is available from the App Store.


What the customers have said about the new app:
*More than 4000 customers took part in pilot testing the app for Android and iOS devices.

“Nicknames on quick balances = AWESOME! Thanks NAB, so excited new technology that will be so helpful to our customers.”

“Really good feel and functionality. As a frequent user of Internet Banking and as I am time poor, this app is quick to log in, super quick to change from page to page and the balance feature without logging in is spot on.”

“Love the look and feel. Easy on the eyes and to navigate. I like how you get the daily balance as you go through your transaction history.”



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