Proposed tax cut for small business is #1 priority



Recently, NAB Business EGM, Cindy Batchelor spoke to the media about what steps the Federal Government could take that would benefit our SME customers. Cindy’s top picks were:

  • Follow-through with the tax cut for small business
  • Reduce compliance costs for SMEs by working the banking sector to get rid of Business Activity Statements and income tax returns for small business
  • The Federal Government should require all Federal Government agencies to use Standardised Business Reporting like the ATO already uses
  • Simplify the role of regulators that regulate small business
  • Let’s celebrate small business nationally by establishing a National Small Business Day

Cindy said this is the first step towards NAB’s positioning of how the budget should look for our customers.

“We know better than anyone what our business customers’ needs are when it comes to the Federal Budget.

“By going out strong early and advocating for our customers, we can help ensure the voice of our business customers are heard,” Cindy said.

This year, NAB will once again provide expertise and insights to help our customers understand what the Federal Budget means to small business, which will help ensure they are in the best position to understand and take advantage of opportunities.



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