Cheap tickets to a sold-out concert? NAB warns it could be a ticket scam



  • Summer of music, sport and entertainment prompts call to be alert to scammers
  • Bank introduces more proactive alerts to digital banking to help customers spot red flags
  • Data shows millennials the most likely group to lose money to buying and selling scams

    Scam Red Flags campaign
    NAB launches new ads warning about ticket scams across social media platforms

NAB has introduced more proactive alerts to digital banking to help music lovers identify potential ticket scams as the bank continues its fight against criminals.

Proactive alerts were first introduced to the NAB App and NAB Internet Banking in March 2023 and have now been expanded to target ticket and marketplace scams. Both are forms of goods and services scams, which are estimated to have cost Australians $36 million in 2023.

At the same time, NAB is launching new ads warning Australians about ticket scams across platforms including Spotify, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.

NAB Manager, Security Advisory & Awareness Laura Hartley said customers may receive a real time alert in the NAB app or NAB internet banking if a payment shows signs that it could be a scam.

“Scammers play on our FOMO (fear of missing out) for concert tickets, often responding to fans who post on social media looking for tickets or listing bogus ones online that don’t actually exist,” Ms Hartley said.

“While many customers ultimately complete their payment after receiving an alert, we know they are stopping and pausing because we see around $220,000 worth of payments abandoned daily.”

Ms Hartley said as ticket scams become more sophisticated, it’s vital Australians can recognise the red flags to stop the crime before it happens.

“Be extremely cautious about buying tickets online via social media,” she said.

“We’re hearing about criminals hacking social media profiles and selling bogus concert tickets to the account owner’s friends, who aren’t aware someone else is controlling the account.

“Even if it’s a friend you legitimately know, pick up the phone and talk to them directly before sending money.

“Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve been scammed.”


Laura’s ticket scam red flags:

Woman in corporate attire and glasses, smiling and looking at the camera
NAB Group Security Advisory & Awareness Manager, Laura Hartley 

Red flag: Tickets for an in-demand event are for sale on social media

Tip: Look for tickets through official resellers, which have processes in place to verify tickets are legit.

Red flag: The tickets are heavily discounted or cheaper than retail price

Tip: If the price of tickets sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Red flag: Social media profiles selling tickets that are newly created, based overseas, have random usernames or furiously re-tweet.

Tip: Look at the seller’s profile in detail to see when it was created, how active they are and if they have any reviews.

Phone with NAB payment prompt warning against red
NAB has introduced more proactive alerts to digital banking to help identify potential ticket scams.

Red flag: The seller claims they can prove the tickets are legit, by sending you emails or screenshots of them

Tip: Be sceptical. Do a reverse image search and if you see the same image of tickets or proof of purchase on other websites, it’s probably a scam.


Red flag: The seller wants you to pay via cryptocurrency or direct money transfer.

Tip: Be cautious and seek further information as private sales don’t offer buyers any protection if the ticket isn’t real. It’s safer to pay for tickets with a credit card, as your funds may be recovered if something goes wrong.

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