06 Oct 2017

Talk to NAB with the Google Assistant

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NAB customers now have more choice in the way they can get answers to basic banking questions, with the launch of ‘Talk to NAB’ as part of the ‘Google Assistant’ platform, a first for banking in Australia.

The “Talk to NAB” pilot uses the Google Assistant’s voice-activated, hands-free experience to allow NAB customers to ask general banking questions – such as how to replace a lost card or reset their password – via Google Home or a smartphone with the Google Assistant.

NAB Executive General Manager Digital & Innovation Jonathan Davey said NAB continues to listen to customer feedback and respond to their needs to give them more choice.

Hear NAB EGM Digital & Innovation Jonathan Davey speaking about the Google Assistant integration

“Our customers are connecting with us every minute of the day and the vast majority of these interactions are through digital platforms,” Mr Davey said.

“It’s our job to make banking simple and easy for our customers; we know they want more self-service capability and they want to be able to solve basic questions in a channel that suits them and when it’s convenient for them.”

The Google Assistant provides customers with guidance on simple banking questions around Transaction and Savings accounts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Travel Cards and Internet Banking.

“Providing instant help to basic questions gives our customers the convenience they want and complements the work of our frontline bankers, ensuring they are spending more time with customers on the issues that are most valuable and important to them,” Mr Davey said.

NAB is continuing to experiment with virtual assistants in order to provide real-time service to customers in their channel of choice.

“This is very much a first step for us in the voice-based smart assistance space; we will continue to develop our capability with the Google Assistant over time so it can answer more questions and perform more tasks for NAB customers,” Mr Davey said.

The “Talk to NAB” app for the Google Assistant, developed by NAB Labs, accompanies other recent self-assistance initiatives, including NAB’s virtual banker chatbot for business customers as well as NAB’s Facebook chatbot pilot, NAB Chatterbox, which is currently underway.

NAB’s integration with the Google Assistant is currently live and available to NAB customers with a Google Home or a smartphone with the Google Assistant.

For more information, please visit: www.nab.com.au/googleassistant

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