NAB Digital Next: Australia’s Consumer Data Right



Australia’s Consumer Data Right (CDR) follows in the footsteps of the UK’s Open Banking regime which was introduced in 2017.

A few years on, NAB and NatWest have jointly authored a whitepaper exploring the common threads that bind both regimes, as well as how the two countries have diverged in their journeys to implementing these frameworks.

Claire Melling, Head of Bank of APIs, NatWest Group joins the latest NAB Digital Next podcast to discuss the whitepaper, and shares valuable lessons from the UK’s implementation of Open Banking, as well as experiences at NatWest of going above and beyond the mandate with the creation of the Bank of APIs ecosystem.

NAB’s Senior Manager, Digital Policy- Alysia Abeyratne also joins and reflects on the themes from the whitepaper and some key takeaways for Australia.



NAB Digital Next is a National Australia Bank podcast on the rise of the digital economy. Hosted by NAB Executive Brad Carr, the monthly podcast brings in the view of global leaders to discuss a range of trends that are changing the lives of consumers around the world such as open data, digital ID, digital skills of the future and much more.

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