NAB welcomes consultation on the Government’s cyber security strategy to keep Aussies safe



NAB today welcomed the announcement by Government that consultation will commence on the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy, which will help keep Australians safe from cyber criminals.

NAB Group Executive Technology and Enterprise Operations, Patrick Wright said: “Australia is currently experiencing a cyber security crisis. It’s going to take a ‘Team Australia’ approach across government, business and the community to keep Australians safe.

“Over a number of years we have deepened our relationship with law enforcement and agencies such as the Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre to share intelligence and resources to help build cross-sector collaboration.

“Cyber security requires collaboration right across business sectors and public sectors to help keep criminals out of Australia.

“NAB continues to play an active role in supporting the Federal Government in its efforts to protect Australians from cyber threats and we look forward to contributing to the consultation.

“We see more than 50 million attacks on NAB digital channels every month and the threat landscape is constantly evolving. Nab

“The volume of threats we’re seeing on the bank and our customers continues to increase year on year.

“We also encourage our customers to remain vigilant and educated on how to stay safe.”

Stay safe from scammers: 

  • Be alert. If you’re unsure whether a call is legitimate, hang-up and call-back using the number of the company on the publicly listed website.
  • Stop before you click. Never click on a link and hand over your banking details or log in details – NAB will never ask you to do this.
  • Always double-check payment details. Call the recipient to check their details before you send or use PayID which matches a number to the PayID.
  • More information is available on our comprehensive security hub website:

NAB continues to invest in keeping the bank and customers safe:

  • Our team of experts monitor customer accounts 24/7 for signs of suspicious activity.
  • In FY22, we ran more than 70 free customer educations. Customers can sign-up to monthly webinars here for personal customers and business customers.
  • We have anti-virus software offers available to our customers.
  • Our security hub website had almost 1 million views in FY22.

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